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Cloudy sunset view with freighter, New York Room with a

Stay with wonderful people. (Not simultaneously of course.)

Samira and Rémy, 2010 December 13 Samira and Rémy came to New York to see it all - five boroughs and more.

They left at 10 every day and didn't get back until 5.

They had jetlag when they got home ;-)

Mercedez and Justin, 2010 December 2 Mercedez and Justin came to New York for a week to celebrate their birthdays.

They had a schedule!

And went to (let’s see) a show, an opera, comedy clubs, the 21 Upstairs, the Boathouse, the Empire State, Ground Zero, Coney Island, tree-lighting and skating....

Ashley and Denise Benson, 2010 October 10 Denise and Ashley came to New York on a one-day trip!

Shopping and a show.

Sherel Purcell, 2010 September 9 Sherel Purcell came to New York for a writing seminar and writing assignments.

She arrived here off the Toronto bus on her folding bicycle with her luggage on her back.

She is a travel writer - see http://www.sherelpurcell.blogspot.com for some of her travel articles.

Myriam and Françoise, 2010 August 9 Myriam and Françoise came from Brittany to see New York. Our most elegant guests so far.

Brittany was independent until the 15th Century. Don’t forget it!

Ruslan and Katya, 2010 13 June Katya and Ruslan came to rendez-vous in New York.

Patrick Wadri, 2010 11 June Patrick came to New York on a family mission.

He is Ugandan and studied in Bangalore and the Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies, University of San Diego.

He has a special interest in conflict resolution, management of the aftermath of conflicts, and microfinance as a tool for economic development.

Ameranouche in Brooklyn NY, 2010 29 May Xar Adelberg plays upright bass with Ameranouche - Gypsy Jazz Power Trio .

She came from Maine to play a gig at at the 68 Jay St. Bar, Brooklyn (Ameranouche at the 68 Jay St. Bar, Brooklyn NY, 2010 29 May).

Edward Lynden-Bell, June 7 2010 Edward Lynden-Bell came from Wellington, New Zealand, for family visits and for film-related meetings in New York.

He is a writer and the director of The Last Great Snail Chase.

Chyskyyrai at the United Nations NY, 2010 April 29 Chyskyyrai, singer and actress and composer from Sakha (Yakutia) in Russia, came to attend the United Nations Ninth Session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

Email her at mailto: chyskyyrai@mail.ru.

Hear her sing ‘An old woman awakes and remembers...’ and other performances at (http://maint.com/SiberiaBAMLena/Chyskyyrai/).

Bjørn Wabø, March 29 2010 Bjørn came from Norway to New York to work on a performance piece on Knut Hamsun.

He brought his own bicycle and assembled it on site.

Marina, Cristina, Elena, December 31 2009 Marina, Cristina, and Elena, ‘Le Tre Streghe’, came from Milan to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

They brought laughter, culture, and their own Parmesan cheese, and took away shopping.

Kathleen Giuliani before NY Marathon, November 1 2009 Kathleen came to run in the New York City Marathon.

(NewYorkRoomwithaView is a short hop from the starting line.)

Nikolai and Tamara at the Brooklyn Bridge, March 29 2009 Nik in the Staten Island ferry terminal, March 24 2009 Nikolai and Tamara came with grandson Nik from Moscow to see New York. They saw everything, including Brighton Beach.

Antonio and Flavia, December 29 2008 Antonio came from Arkansas and Flavia came from Pisa to spend Christmas together in New York.

Flavia made a jam tart every morning!

Elena Giannotti, Dance Artist, came to New York to take part in Movement Research’s Fall Festival 2008 (www.movementresearch.org) with group improvisations at Danspace Project. See her at www.jadecnaren.org.

Ken Frye, November 24 2008 Ken came to visit old friends.

Ken is an actor, poet, and puppeteer.

Athol, Owen, and Jacinta on the Brooklyn Bridge, November 14 2008 Athol came from Australia on business, and with Jacinta showed Owen New York.

(And Disneyworld.)

Athol (like me) recommends Siberian BAM Guide - rail, rivers, and road / Includes North-East Russia’s Siberian BAM Railway, Lena River & Kolyma Highway.

Andreas came from Berlin with Britta and baby Wanda to run in the New York City Marathon and to see the city. Wanda loves the big city!

Linda and John V at breakfast, October 16 2008 Linda and John arrived by train and left by ship.

And saw lots of museums in between. Walked far, ate well.

Adventurous travellers...

Rocco and his bike, October 1 2008 Rocco drove down from Montréal to bike in New York City. He covered nearly 200 miles of city streets in 3 days.

‘For sure see you soon...’

Gritt and Mathias breakfast, September 23 2008 Gritt and Mathias came from Germany to see New York and New Englad. We also rescued them from a nightmare hostel in Manhattan.

‘It was a wonderful stay at your place - pleasant, peaceful, and with a nice view. You saved us!’

Au revoir, Anastasia and Vladimir, July 28 2008 Anastasia and Vladimir came from Paris with tents and sleeping bags to see America.

‘Thank you so much again for having saved us from a bad lodging :))’

Au revoir, Orpheo, July 21 2008 Orpheo came from France looking for America and for music, with a side-trip to Québec City to look for Sir Paul McCartney.

‘So in America when the sun goes down and I sit on the old broken-down river pier watching the long, long skies over New Jersey...’

Prentiss and France and bikes, July 7 2008 Prentiss and France came from New York and from Montréal (twice, so far) to bike together in New York City, including Bike Kill in Brooklyn.

Standing tall in the saddle...

Fanta and Dijo in the kitchen, June 14 2008 Fanta and Dijo came from Mali to prepare for Fanta’s daughter’s wedding.

Fakoye! Maafe! Dégué! Robes! Headscarves! Griots! Dancing! Gold jewelry!